Sequences – of the creative potential of the city

Wave Small

It all started in 2019 with the image of a wave, while trying to capture the different “stages” of its beautifully soft movement… I wanted to condense the whole movement into one image, to challenge the idea that photography can only show an instant, freeze a moment.

Three years later my NFT project, Sequences – of the creative potential of the city is ready.

With this project I expand the images with motion, a feeling of passing time and a sense of our own impermanence. Its aim is to resonate within and awaken our observation of reality, especially in the daily contests where we tend to lose focus due to habit. Real beauty often lies there, and I do my best to show it.

The project consists of an ongoing series of digitally edited photographic images with some incursions in video.

With part of the proceeds from my NFTs I will support the #WomanLifeFreedom movement with regular donations to the Abdorrahman Boroumand Center, a non-profit and non-governmental organization for the promotion of human rights and democracy in Iran. (

Sequences got a nomination by FAPA 2023 (Fine Art Photography Award)
in the Non-professional Experimental section

Flâneuse – n.01 on sale here: Rarible


A bit of backstory:

After the pandemic I needed a new project that would bring me OUT, amongst people.

I’ve always been interested in street photography and to photograph people, but my own camera shyness didn’t let me take stolen pictures, I felt terribly awkward doing it. The Sequences project’s technique gave me this opportunity, keeping a certain distance and creating images where the single individual is not recognizable, it allowed me to introduce people in my work. 

Some time ago I discovered the term ‘flaneur’, while reading a book by Emile Zola, it immediately resonated with me, aimlessly strolling the city… that is one of the things I like best.
When I gave the title to my first image, Flâneuse, I researched the term online and discovered a book by Lauren Elkin that used the same word as title, I immediately bought it.  It pointed out, among a lot of other things, how women were not even allowed to go walking alone around the city up until very recently. Even here in Europe. There are many places where they still cannot.

Sequences is dedicated to them, the women that cannot walk alone for safety, cultural or religious reasons.

Below are a few more of the images and soon a taste of the videos.
I’m in the process of finding the best marketplace for these works.




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