It happens that I have a ‘gush’ of happiness.
It often has to do with water.
When I enter the warm pool to swim
or in a hot tub during winter…
When my body gets accustomed to the water temperature of the sea,
or when warm water runs over my head in the shower.

But it also happens
when I put the first bite of a good chocolate cake in my mouth,
when my body gets warmed for the first time by the sun in spring,
or when I book a vacation with my closest friends.

But lately something weird is happening.
I cannot explain it.
I have sudden gushes of unmotivated happiness.
I turn around quickly as if to catch the thought that filled my heart, that made me smile,
and nothing, I see nothing, I remember nothing.
Nothing that could explain why I felt happy for a second.
And it’s gone.
I’m left torn, with a half good sensation and a half bad of having lost it,
and wondering…


The elusive art of waiting

It’s an art
I’m trying to master,
but all I manage to do
is fill the space of time with ‘items’
so that my thoughts don’t linger,
excessively, on the awaited one.

The void itself is grey,
but not always,
it does depend
on the nature of the expectation.

It’s dark grey now,
that I am waiting
for relieving news.

It can be purple,
in other cases,
better cases.


To dance one dance

To dance one dance

Out of a dream
you came to me
to dance one dance.

It left me
unexpecting, my womb in flames, my breath short.

Gratitude and melancholy.


Un giro di danza

Della materia dei sogni
sei venuta a me
per un giro di danza.

Mi ha lasciata
senza pretese, col ventre in fiamme, il fiato corto.

Gratitudine e malinconia.